Reporting and Claims Form

N.B.: In this section you make a COMPLAINT - Request for a refund or information, please click on the link on the right        Information       Refund

The form must be correctly completed in all its parts. We recommend you ensure your postal mail and email addresses are correct. In case of incorrect address, the Company accepts no responsibility. The "text" field must contain a brief description of the incident you wish to report, with all the details necessary for the correct identification of the event, such as (for example, but not limited to): the direction of the means of transportation, the number or name of the means of transportation used (if available), the point-of-sale, the sales channel used, etc.

N.B.: In event of a dispute regarding an elevated administrative sanction from our Verification and Control staff, the enquiry should be addressed to the body responsible for the Contract of Service (Venice City Council, Metropolitan City of Venice, Municipality of Chioggia). For more details please visit the dedicated section of the Contacts page .

Incomplete communications or those with inappropriate content will not be pursued.


COVID-19 emergency

AVM/Actv informs you that considering the situation of sanitary emergency and the restriction measures designed to contain the COVID-19 infection, office activities of Public Relations Office of AVM Group are suspended or strongly reduced.

It will be our appointment to answer to report/request of refund as soon as possible.

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